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What is Rove?

Rove is a micro, modular TTRPG comprised entirely of business cards. It focuses on being fast and approachable, with the potential to add systems and procedures as needed rather than presenting them up front. 

So far Rove consists of the following cards, with more in development.

Core (Free Forever!)

All the rules needed to run a game of Rove. Core resolution mechanics, combat rules and how health, damage and recovery works.

Player (Free Forever!)

A clean and convenient character sheet with player facing rules on the reverse.


A simple, map independent, push your luck travel system and supplementary survival rules.


Rules for running and generating opponents for Players to encounter during adventures. Including sample abilities, basic stats and vulnerabilities.


Rules for running and generating supporting characters for Players to befriend during adventures, including template hirelings and pets.


Straightforward encumbrance rules, sample equipment and some common tag rules.


A Player facing tracker for carrying extra gear.


A Party facing tracker for carrying extra gear.

Printing Guidelines

  • Print 2 sided (or manually if needed). 
  • Flip along the long edge. 
  • Ensure you print as "actual size" or whatever setting doesn't re-centre the pages so things align properly. 

The provided PDFs have cutting guides on only one side so small misalignments aren't as noticeable.

More Rove

Physical editions are in the works. Subscribe on Patreon to get early access to new cards as they are released.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Core&Playerx5&Travel&Enemies&Allies - Letter.pdf 484 kB
Gear&Cartx2&Packx8 - A4.pdf 923 kB
Gear&Cartx2&Packx8 - Letter.pdf 923 kB

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VERY cool concept! I hope you'll develop it like you intend to; it promises great things to come!