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Midnight Hunt is a business card adventure module intended to supplement Rove, though it can work with any roleplaying game.

Generate and explore your own version of Velorain, a Castlevania/Van Helsing inspired micro-setting. Players become archetypal monster hunters, fighting to push back the monstrous hordes dredged up from deep below by villains hell bent on domination. 

Midnight Hunt consists of 3 (Soon more!) business cards:

On just the module card there are:

  • 3 Character Classes each with their own monster hunting specialities.
  • 9 Character Bundles for Speedy Character creation.
  • Prayers - a micro-magic system for Clergy Players.
  • A Velorain region generator with Temples, Castles, Villages, Dungeons and other scenery. 

Also included is a Gothic Castle Generator to flesh out the Castle locations within Velorain into full-on mini-dungeons. 

Finally a set of (Currently 1 - but 3 more on the way!) business cards with rules and Rove stats for the various monsters that roam Velorain. They include:

  • Skeletons & Zombies - For all your cavernous catacombs and ghoulish graveyards.  
  • Vampires & Werewolves - Coming Soon!
  • Oozes - Coming Soon!
  • Demons - Coming Soon!

This Module uses stats for Rove (Which is Into the Odd based) but can be used with any role playing system. It does assume an OSR (Old School D&D) type game.

The images contain everything for free - but please consider purchasing the PDF for convenience! ↓


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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